Fascinated by the environmental factors that shape the natural world, I seek to imitate their destructive and constructive qualities in an artistic technique. The materials I use are themselves mixed with natural minerals such as marble, mica and iron oxide, cementing the narrative connection of the works to their subject.

Each painting is the final product of an extensive method that begins with sketches and photographs of landscapes I have walked around. These visuals are translated into collages using paper I designed. The collages are developed into large scale paintings using matte acrylic, ink and crushed minerals on wood panels. I mask off each painting into sections and treat each area to layers of paint which are then partially removed with a resist to build texture. I experiment with ground water, solvents, salt, minerals, paints, carving implements, heat and sanding tools to erode the paint. By working this way, I am creating a history of gestures and actions that form into naturalistic abstracted landscapes with painted geological textures. Each step, building upon the last. A cold wax protective finish provides a satin sheen which highlights the multiplicity of textures, layers and spatial depths.

The paintings have been described as "dreamy" by Fubiz and Trendland magazine, as they evoke sensations of fantasy or partial reality.  I think of them as meditations on mountain energy.


Sarah Winkler was born in the UK but has lived abroad most of her life. A childhood spent in Africa influenced her appreciation of the wilderness. Her father worked in aviation and a love of global travel and adventure was passed down to his daughter. A move out West in her mid 20s renewed Sarah 's interest in geology and a wide open landscape. In the last 12 years, she has exhibited work in galleries and museums, been awarded numerous competitive commissions including by the City of San Francisco. She now lives/works on a 9,000ft peak in the Colorado Rockies where the surrounding mountains and seasons are a source of stunning inspiration.




Abstract Geological Landscape + Contemporary Nature Painting



©2016 Sarah Winkler