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  • Gallery MAR 436 Main Street Park City, UT, 84060 United States (map)

PAST / PRESENT features work by two Gallery Mar represented artists, Sarah Winkler and Pamela Murphy. With resplendently textured layers, Pamela Murphy and Sarah Winkler give the surface of their work its own individualized history, all the while giving elegant insight into a time in our collective past. Their paintings carry with them a feeling of quiet significance, as if each work holds within its layers a treasured account of the history of the world.


Artist Statement

The landscapes in the Past/Present exhibition mimic the geological process of landscape formation found in the West and Southwest. Just as actual ridge lines and rock formations are made through a process of deposition and erosion, so are my mountains. I apply paint in sections and layers. Treating each area to a textural erosion process. The materials I use often include crushed minerals such as marble, iron oxide and mica flake. The result is a dreamy invented landscape that looks like somewhere you've been or somewhere you would like to explore next.

Sarah Winkler, May 2017