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Smoke Signals 2020: A Solo Exhibition at K Contemporary | Denver, CO

Fire on the Moutain, 60x60” Acrylic on Panel

Fire on the Moutain, 60x60” Acrylic on Panel


A Solo Exhibition of New Paintings

April 2020

An Environmental Solo Show in honor of the

50th Anniversary of Earth Day 


Opening Night


Artist Talk





The explosive dance of the wild fire. Skies illuminate in spectacular hues through powdered smoke. Clouds of pink and carmine and amber billow upwards in an ethereal light. The beauty and destruction of nature in one combined creative act.

Based in Colorado, which has the highest number of active wildfires in the US; the season of 2018 being one of the worst on record. August of 2018 caught me driving through a blaze on my way back from Utah to Denver passing through the Coal Hollow Fire in the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Thousands of acres were burning. I saw the line of explosive flames coming over a mountain range and watched in awe as the firefighters dug trenches, chainsawed a fire break in a daring effort to divert the wall of fire racing towards them. The drama and dance between humankind vs nature. An outcome unknown. Somewhere in this moment, I knew I found my next series of work, Smoke Signals.

“A striking aspect of these works is the heat they emit. The splatters of smoke and the lines of a blaze merge in these compositions, where the almost amorphous land forms appear to melt. A wildfire is an event which demonstrates both nature's violence and its vulnerability. Though this environment is nothing but hostile for human life, through choice of colour these images have a sensuality, a sense of calmness. Winkler's work could be compared to that of Georgia O'Keeffe, not only aesthetically (apparent in
O'Keeffe's Red, Yellow and Black Streak, 1924) but also in its pure celebration of the power of nature.”

Megan Daly, Farewell Earth, Radical Art Review. January 2019


K Contemporary

1412 Wazee St

Denver, CO 80202



Tuesday – Saturday, 12 pm – 6 pm or by appointment