Photo by Chris Mueller for Alpine Modern Magazine

Photo by Chris Mueller for Alpine Modern Magazine

My paintings focus on the color, texture and geology of mountain, plain and desert landscapes and how these terrains intersect and overlap.


I am fascinated by the environmental factors that shape the natural world and seek to imitate their destructive and constructive qualities in an artistic technique.  I relate the action of painting to the geological process of mountain formation and desert erosion. The materials I use are mixed with natural minerals such as marble, mica and iron oxide, cementing the narrative connection of the works to their subject. The imagery is deposited in layered sections. After applying paint,  I then partially remove it using resists such as ground water, salt, carving, heat and sanding tools to mimic the kinetic processes of erosion and deposition and the forces of wind, water and temperature against rock and pigment.  By working this way, I am building layered landscapes rendered in mineral-rich shards and swells of luminous color with a history of gestures and actions that form into naturalistic abstracted landscapes with painted geological textures.

The paintings are often described as “dreamy” as they evoke sensations of fantasy or partial reality. I intended the imagery to be at once familiar, but to carry an air of play and curiosity about the natural world as if your discovering a place for the first time.