Photo by Chris Mueller for Alpine Modern Magazine

Photo by Chris Mueller for Alpine Modern Magazine

I am fascinated by the geological story that shapes the natural landscape and seek to imitate the process of landscape formation and erosion in an artistic technique.

The layered landscape paintings are inspired by colors and textures of ridge lines and rock formations that I see in the West and Southwest regions of America.

I work from the memory and experience of places and create a process of painting that relates to the geological story. The different areas of paint layers are applied in thin washes and removed with a resist between coats that builds the swells of color and rich textures over time. The acrylic paint materials I use are often mixed with natural minerals such as marble, mica and iron oxide, cementing the narrative connection of the works to their subject.

The paintings are often described as “dreamy” as they evoke sensations of fantasy or partial reality. I intended the imagery to be at once familiar, but to carry an air of play and curiosity about the natural world as if your discovering a place for the first time.