Fire on the Mountain, 60x60”. Acrylic with Gold Mica Flake on panel. ©2018 Sarah Winkler

Fire on the Mountain, 60x60”. Acrylic with Gold Mica Flake on panel. ©2018 Sarah Winkler


Artist Statement

When I look at a landscape, I see a moment caught in time. A layer of rock and mineral resting between climatic and geological events. Their surfaces scarred by glaciers, the ridge lines formed by tectonic uplifts and erosion. All evidence of a landscape that has experienced dramatic shifts in character over time.

My interest as a landscape painter is to tell the story of Earth’s dynamic and mutable nature by interpreting her processes in a unique creative technique.

I developed a signature set of abstract textures to use in my collages and paintings that are based on fifteen geological patterns found in mountain and desert landscape formations. I arrange these textures within scenes of heightened luminosity and saturated color palettes to suggest familiar vignettes found in the Western landscape.

All artists’ materials at one point came from the Earth, and many of our colored pigments still do. I often incorporate crushed mineral and rock like marble dust, mica flake and pink granite into my paintings to deepen that connection to the land and to create moments of discovery in the work.

Currently, I’m focusing on documenting and revealing “Sudden Geology” as it relates to current climate change events. Even though, the Earth has experienced cooling and warming cycles, mass extinctions and drastic physical changes from the beginnings of its existence, we are more aware now of its impacts to us as a species and our impacts on the one and only home we have. It’s a fascinating time to live in as a “landscape painter”