Q: What is Acrylic on Panel?

What is acrylic on panel and how do you suggest framing/hanging your paintings?

Acrylic on panel is a term artists use to describe what their work is made of (media) and what it is made on (substrate)


All of my work is created using professional artist acrylic paints and materials from these companies:  Holbein Artists Materials from Japan,  Golden Artists Paints from USA and Daler-Rowney Inks from the UK. I prefer to work with matte acrylic paint on panel. Often mixing into the paint surface crushed minerals like iron oxide, black lava, gold mica flake, marble dust.


We custom build our painting surfaces at the studio out of BBB cabinet grade birch wood ply. They are 2” deep and cross-braced in the back to prevent warping. Our panels can be custom built to specific dimensions for commissioned paintings.

After the raw wood panel has been made, it goes through a 3-day preparation stage to get it ready for painting on. The wood is sealed, then primed with 3-4 layers of a custom mixed white gypsum and marble gesso ground and then buffed to a smooth polished surface.


When the painting is finished, the edges of the panel are painted to match a neutral grey within the painting. We attach D-Ring hooks on both sides so it's ready to hang on two 50lb picture hooks. You may need to add drywall studs into your wall for larger 48-60" works.  Each painting is signed with title and description in permanent ink on the back. There is no need to additionally frame unless you want too match your decor in some way. I recommend using any professional frame shop in your area to do this. Many of my collectors choose not to frame for a more modern look.