BIND FOR CREATIVE CHANGE: We talk to artist Sarah Winkler about her work and newest project, Smoke Signals; a series of environmental works concerned with wildfires.

“Creatives can also use their innate abilities as visionaries, innovators and change makers to inspire solutions within the design, science and tech sectors. Artists really do think outside the box and have the ability to imagine products and solutions that don’t yet exist. Pair one with an engineer, fashion or industrial designer and you might just change the future.” -Sarah Winkler, Artist Interview ,BIND Collective, January 2019


Winkler Review IN WESTWORD: Color Brightens New Shows at K Contemporary

"Pretty much all of the paintings here are large, and some are enormous: The multi-panel, billboard-sized “Colorado River Flow” is over twelve feet across. The various shapes splayed across the three panels do not represent a literal landscape, and this is especially true across the bottom, where the elements seem to have been freely associated. Winkler conjures the illusion of the landscape through the tight margins of the various parts, especially across the tops of the compositions, which read like mountain ranges set against the skies. Her repeated use of horizontal elements stacked on top of one another successfully suggests the idea of a scenic view without specifically referring to it. Taking all these attributes into account, I realized that Winkler was right: Her paintings are abstractions and, technically speaking, not actually representations of external reality." - Michael Paglia, Westword, July 2018

Sarah Winkler Featured in Scientific American

Sarah Winkler  is featured in “Out of the Shadow – Artists respond to the Total Solar Eclpise” By Kalliopi Monoyios for Scientific American, September 2017.  “According to NASA, light levels under totality “resemble twilight conditions about 30 minutes after sunset.” Colorado-based painter Sarah Winkler caught this beautifully in a series of paintings she’s creating in what she calls her “totality palette.’”


Art ± Geology - Sarah Winkler featured in Alpine Modern

Contemporary artist Sarah Winkler’s experimental painting technique mimics the addition and subtraction of geological processes in nature. Iceland’s geological drama and Alpine-Nordic design ethos inspired her current winter series of fantastical alpine landscapes.

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